Comunidad Protectora De Tortugas De Osa

COPROT is a non-profit community conservation project revolved around conserving the local sea turtle nesting population with the help of the local community. Our project is located in the Southern Pacific beaches on the Osa Peninsula in Carate, Costa Rica. Located right next to the world renown Corcovado National Park. On the 7.5 kilometers of beach that we protect we collect data primarily on nesting Olive Ridleys and Pacific Greens. On rare occasions Leatherbacks have been known to nest on our beaches.

Our vision is to create a project that gives back to the local community by providing a sea turtle conservation education, and jobs to the local community. This is with bigs hopes that humans and sea turtles will live symbiotically, thriving off the help of each other. From our data analysis, we seek policy changes to promote the health of the environment in Carate and throughout the world.

Let’s change the world by taking only memories and leaving only our footprints. Pura Vida!

~COPROT Family

For all inquiries and questions please email us at:

We will try to respond to you within a week. We are located in the jungle, so our responses may be delayed. We appreciate you reaching out to us.