Comunidad Protectora de Tortugas de Osa

COPROT is a non-profit community conservation project that focuses on protecting the sea turtle populations that come to nest on our beaches. Our project is located on the Southern Pacific beaches of Rio Oro and Carate on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. We patrol 10km of some of the busiest nesting sites in the country, right on the doorstep of Corcovado National Park. We collect nesting data mainly on the Olive Ridley and Pacific Green turtle species, and can observe as many as 4000 successful nesting attempts in any one season. Much rarer sightings of the more endangered Hawksbill and Leatherback species are also possible on occasions.

Our vision is to develop the project in hand with the local community, in order to provide training and salaried positions in the conservation of sea turtles for individuals from low income and education backgrounds, as well as those that need to carry out environmentally damaging activities for survival. We hope that in this way we can develop a sustainable living situation where humans and wildlife are able to live in harmony, and that all can thrive while protecting this incredibly bio-diverse ecosystem.

From our data collection and analysis, we seek to understand and mitigate the effects of climate change on sea turtle populations and collaborate with governmental and educational institutions in order to drive change. 

Let’s change the world by taking only memories and leaving only footprints. Pura Vida!

For all inquiries and questions please email us at:

We will try to respond to you within a week. We are located in the jungle, so our responses may be delayed. We appreciate you reaching out to us.